Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bekah avoids lightning strike

We had a bit of excitement last week. Bekah was spending the night at a friend's house on the second story and it got hit by lightning - about 6 feet from bekah and kelly!! It took out a lot of their electricity and messed up their plumbing and they as well as several of their neighbors are having lots of repairs. It only took out our modem. This morning in our front yard I noticed how one of our trees had a long strip down it where the bark had been stripped off and it looks like lightning may have done that. So I had to run inside and blog about it before I finished doing my yard cleanup work!
I also must mention our fun but short trip down to austin to see our beloved sharone, ross, and grandpets minnie and peyton. I was forced to play golf...on the PS-3!!! Jared and Rachel liked swimming in their pool and jared played in a basketball tournament. We loved going to SHAKES for ice cream!! and sharone and I had fun at the mall. she bought me some very comfortable reef flip flops for an early b-day present. we also got a new recipe for guacamole at HEB which I love. It is made with a Sweet Chile Lime sauce and cream cheese.
Today's blog is dedicated to Mawmaw.


thesharester said...

cool! a blog. we want more!

Jennifer Josefy said...

hahaha you have grandpets.

does that make minnie and peypey like my niecamils and nephimals??

lightning strike avoider said...

new guac = no bueno
i love you mom

and six feet is a lie.
more like ten. because it was six feet over. four feet up.

ahhh lightning!

Anonymous said...

I finally logged on to your blog - didn't even know you had one! If I heard about Bekahk's escape from danger, I don't remember??? 6/25 is a long way back in time. You need to catch up, altough RAJ gave me a good account of your trip. I really appreciated that. Love to a ll, Maw Maw