Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Highlights of Summer 2008

Well this summer is beginning to draw to a close. some of the memories that will not long fade away are jen's gall bladder surgery- very hard on parentals!- but also unforgettable laughs from jen coming out of anathesia. then there was jen's incredible opportunity to live in london, thanks to her big bro and his wife.
It has also been the summer of learning to drive stick shift for jaj, however, we did not get as far along in the curriculum as mom wanted to. sigh. that was my biggest goal. rachel got glasses today and jared goes to the orthodontist today, so we are in the throes of adolescent changes everywhere.Rachel will also be entering public school for the very first time on the 25th. Bekah was ordering her t-shirt today that the seniors are all going to wear on their first day back. A banner year for all of us.
our d.c. trip was truly unforgettable and brought back many happy childhood memories.
This is the first summer in 15 years that I haven't been headed back for inservice next week - so a big change for me as well. Luckily I can live vicariously through my sharone's teacher blog!!!