Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I'm a big kid now!

So, some mothers of young kids might wonder what the next big milestone is after potty training?
The first ROAD TRIP!!! Bekah drove to college station with me in the passenger seat. would you believe that I don't think my heart rate even got elevated? This is really amazing.
We got to be roomies with jen and her 2 roomies and jen was our college tour guide as we traipsed around aggieland visiting the education and business colleges, bought college t-shirts and did other collegy stuff. the "girly" movie we picked (that one with bees in the title) was not romantic or funny as we had hoped, but it is good to know that daytime tickets are still only 3.50 in aggieland!
bekah is watching the mailbox for her acceptance letter. Then, hopefully she can sit back and enjoy the rest of her senior year. She has her college car - a toyota corolla that matches jen's except is a different color.
I don't think i'm quite ready for another birdie to leave the nest...but these things tend to happen whether or not you're ready.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Highlights of Summer 2008

Well this summer is beginning to draw to a close. some of the memories that will not long fade away are jen's gall bladder surgery- very hard on parentals!- but also unforgettable laughs from jen coming out of anathesia. then there was jen's incredible opportunity to live in london, thanks to her big bro and his wife.
It has also been the summer of learning to drive stick shift for jaj, however, we did not get as far along in the curriculum as mom wanted to. sigh. that was my biggest goal. rachel got glasses today and jared goes to the orthodontist today, so we are in the throes of adolescent changes everywhere.Rachel will also be entering public school for the very first time on the 25th. Bekah was ordering her t-shirt today that the seniors are all going to wear on their first day back. A banner year for all of us.
our d.c. trip was truly unforgettable and brought back many happy childhood memories.
This is the first summer in 15 years that I haven't been headed back for inservice next week - so a big change for me as well. Luckily I can live vicariously through my sharone's teacher blog!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bekah avoids lightning strike

We had a bit of excitement last week. Bekah was spending the night at a friend's house on the second story and it got hit by lightning - about 6 feet from bekah and kelly!! It took out a lot of their electricity and messed up their plumbing and they as well as several of their neighbors are having lots of repairs. It only took out our modem. This morning in our front yard I noticed how one of our trees had a long strip down it where the bark had been stripped off and it looks like lightning may have done that. So I had to run inside and blog about it before I finished doing my yard cleanup work!
I also must mention our fun but short trip down to austin to see our beloved sharone, ross, and grandpets minnie and peyton. I was forced to play golf...on the PS-3!!! Jared and Rachel liked swimming in their pool and jared played in a basketball tournament. We loved going to SHAKES for ice cream!! and sharone and I had fun at the mall. she bought me some very comfortable reef flip flops for an early b-day present. we also got a new recipe for guacamole at HEB which I love. It is made with a Sweet Chile Lime sauce and cream cheese.
Today's blog is dedicated to Mawmaw.