Wednesday, June 27, 2007

eleventh b-day for rkj

Does anyone remember what they did for their eleventh b-day party. I'm hoping rkj'scelebration yesterday will live long in her memory. (Nobody is around today that can show me how to add a pic to my blog so that will have to wait until a later time). If repetitiveness enhances your memory, then I think she'll remember yesterday forever. Because there were only 2000 people at six flags yesterday b/c of rain, as opposed to the normal 7000 weekday crowd, you could ride things over and over without standing in line again. I managed to get cured of my love of the log ride by riding it ad nauseum. No matter how many times we rode it though, rkj never did get the guts to be at the front of the log so that is where i sat each time i rode it and i rode it too many times to count. i felt like good friends with the people who were running it by the time we left. i was almost getting to know them on a middle and last name basis.
And then there was the sponge bob ride. I only could handle it twice and i lost count (5 maybe) of how many times daughter and friend rode it. If you haven't been on it, it is a 4-D video and you wear special glasses. It looks like sponge bob is coming out at you and is a couple of inches from your face. (this works even if you are sitting in the middle of the auditorium or to the side) I was very amazed. The best part for me was watching rkj flinch everytime at the sponge bob coming for her face!!
I loved the looney tunes boat ride (yosemite sam) b/c it is the closest thing I can get to my all-time favorite ride at disney- it's a small world. i was younger than rkj when i rode it and it made quite a thrilling impression on me - the kind that brings back warm fuzzy feelings.
rkj as well as her friend were quite taken with all the looney toon characters walking around as well as a magician that did a private show for them.
jaj is off for day 3 of golf tournament. day 2 was rained out. tonite his caddy (dad) and he are supposed to eat dinner with dad's old college roommate whose son is in first place of tournament after day 1, and is in the oldest guys group, so his name was mentioned on the wichita news mon. nite. should be a fun day for dad and son. jaj had some heavy decision making to do this morning. i tried to be supportive of his decision to wear his black cap as opposed to blue or white even though he already wore it on monday. remember those days when that was the biggest decision of the day????
well, rj challenged our ss class to read the WHOLE new testament in ONE WEEK. seeing how this is wed. already i may have to attempt to read all the gospels 2day to get caught up! So along with going to the dentist today, sounds like a full schedule! At least no log riding today.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

jen, this one's for you

Due to high demand from people everywhere and all around, I have decided to start blogging. Okay, so one person. As you see from the title of my blog, I decided that today was the day to start. Writing provides a window into a person's soul which is why if you're shy, you don't want people down in there crashing around. But reading my 5 favorite blogs (matt,sharon,jen,cyn and a couple of nephews) brings such joy to my day that I have decided to see if being on the other end is as much fun. Okay, that is about all the fun I can handle for today!!!