Sunday, September 30, 2007

to blogger ch

i know i'm a bad blogger, but i wanted to let ch know that i fixed my eldest son's blog address on my blog. also, i am still awaiting a blog about the a&m game you attended. our loud yellers were behind us again but thankfully left at half-time to eat bbq. this is the only thing they yell: come on fran!!! this is added to with various expletives. they also were threatening to mail back their aggie ring. i don't think they should have had one to begin with. their voices make your ears hurt more than the flyovers, of which we had two of by the way yesterday. you really get a free airshow with the price of your ticket which is really cool. MAJ, you would have liked the fact that they recognized the 1st student body president. it's really getting embarrassing that i still am crying during the a&m commercial they play about the greater good being a required course, reveille frolicing in the grass and people with their arms around each other whose backs spell out howdy. the man who does the voice over for it should be hired for brainwashing, because i see no way that listening to that commercial over and over wouldn't make any child want to go to a&m immediately! by the way, s.a. of baylor bears, can you email me your son's phone and email so i can give them to my baylor niece as an emergency friend contact.
(yes, writing to you personally on my blog lets me know if anyone is still checking it)